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When we love someone, sometimes we start expecting too much from our partner. We want our partner to only talk to us, listen to us. Sometimes we also feel bad about meeting the partner more than anyone else. Due to which our relationship starts cracking. To avoid all these things, we need to understand each other. If we love someone, we should accept him as he is. You should express your feelings. One should talk openly with the partner on mutual issues. Too, not ever power your words on both other. Changes keep happening in life, we also need to keep changing according to the times.

Love Relationship Problem Solution Expert Astrologer

From astrology, we can identify that in which condition the situation of our love relationship will be good and in which case bad, the position of the planets in the horoscope of any person determines how his married life or love relationship will be. The fifth house in the horoscope of any person is considered to be of love. This is where love begins. That is, if the 5th house is good in your horoscope, which means that the sight of the planets on the fifth house is good, then the love relations of such a person are very good. But if there is a position of malefic planets in the fifth house in the horoscope, then there is a situation of breaking of love relationship. Also, if Shani Dev is placed in the fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh house of the horoscope, then there is a situation of breaking the love relationship.

Contribution of planet Venus in love relationship-

Astrology speaks that if Venus is strong in the material of love, then no one can sink your boat of love. With the strength of Venus, your relationship will not only become strong, but it also depends on the union of other planets of Venus. The union of Venus and Mars awakens the feelings of love in the mind. Similarly, when the moon is strong, the mind becomes fickle and the person’s inclination towards love starts. But if Venus starts forming a conjunction with Rahu, then love relations are formed, but such relations do not last long.

If any problem is arising in your married life or love relationship, then you can get the solution of these problems with astrological consultation.

Benefits of the report

• Knowing the real cause of the problems in the relationship

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This report provides expert help to take the right decision in matters related to married life. The root causes of problems in the relationship can be found out from this report. Along with knowing and understanding the possible outcome of the relationship in the near future, this report guides you to take appropriate decisions towards a meaningful future.

Contained in the report-

• Accurate Evaluation of You and Your Partner’s Charts

• solve problems

• Tips for a Good Relationship



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