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Love marriage Problem Solution Expert is one of our traditional sixteen sacraments, after crossing a stage of life from adolescence to puberty, a person needs a good life partner to live and adapt to the social structure and for the fulfilment of life. It is also necessary but it is not necessary that we get all the things in our life in the right position and at the right time. At the same time, it is often seen that there is always a situation of tension and conflict in the married life of a person; there is always a situation of ups and downs in married life due to debate or something or the other. Some special planets formed in the horoscope are due to yogas, let us know it from astrological point of view.

Marriage ceremony is an important sacrament in Indian culture. It is a gift of God to man. It is said that the pairs are already decided by God. According to the sins and virtuous deeds done in the previous birth, one gets the life partner and according to them, married life is either sad or happy. The idea of ​​marriage is mainly done from the seventh house in the horoscope. Apart from marriage, happiness and sorrows of marital or marital life, life partner i.e. husband and wife, work (Bhog Vilas), sex before and after marriage, partnership etc. are considered.

If any house, its lord and its factor are situated in the middle of malefic planets, are associated with strong malefic planets, are weak, benefic planets are neither conjoined with them nor see them, from these three the ninth, fourth, eighth, fifth and twelfth places. If there are malefic planets in the house, lord of the navamsha, bhavesh navamsh and bhava karaka navamsha in the enemy sign, set in the debilitated zodiac or are defeated in war, then there is loss of things related to that house. (Uttar Kalamrit) Inauspicious yoga of married life if the seventh lord is not auspicious, but is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and is debilitated or set, then the marriage of the native or the native is hindered. If the sixth, eighth or twelfth house is placed in the seventh house, there is no auspicious aspect of any planet on it or if it does not have auspicious yoga from any planet, then marital happiness is hindered.

If there is a cruel planet in the seventh house, there is a vision of a cruel planet on the seventh house and there is a cruel planet in the twelfth house, then marital happiness gets hampered. If the seventh lord and the factor Venus are strong, then the person has to suffer separation. If Venus is in the seventh house (Aries or Scorpio Ascendant) and aspected by or with malefic planets, or Venus is in debilitated and enemy navamsha or in the sixth, then the native is hard-headed, maladaptive, and sloppy. As a result, his married life becomes hellish. If Saturn is in the seventh house, with malefic planets and in debilitated navamsha or debilitated and aspected by malefic planets, then married life is troubled due to the evil nature of the life partner. Therefore, in our life, the happiness of marriage, married life, husband, wife etc. depends on the position of the seventh house and the seventh house (lord of the seventh house). Apart from this, “Venus” is the natural factor of marriage, married life and wife in the horoscope of men and “Mars” and “Jupiter” control marriage, married life and husband happiness in the horoscope of women, so when in the horoscope of a person If these factors controlling marital life are in weak or afflicted condition, then there is a situation of tension, debate or ups and downs in marital life again and again.

This is the story of every house that earlier two people who used to love each other so much, today they quarrel with each other over small matters. Sometimes the quarrel increases so much that for many days they do not even see each other’s face. What is the reason for infidelity in marriage? According to a recent research, 10 percent of divorces are due to partner’s infidelity. It is natural for husband and wife to part ways for this reason, but many people’s relationship breaks down because they cheat on each other. It may sound shocking but it is true that many disgruntled partners cheat on their partner before they part ways. Men cheating and women cheating are of different types. Some men cheat their wife only to have fun outside this relationship.

Some men don’t feel ashamed until they get into trouble. As far as women are concerned, they cheat on their partner especially when they find themselves emotionally alone in the relationship. The manner and habit of cheating may be different in men and women, but the purpose behind cheating is almost the same.

Know which special planetary yoga causes conflict in married life-

If any sin yoga (Guru-Chandal Yoga, Grahan Yoga, Angarak Yoga etc.) is formed in the seventh house of the horoscope, then tension and obstacles are present in married life.

If a malefic planet is sitting in a debilitated sign in the seventh house, then there is a situation of conflict in married life.

Rahu-Ketu being in the seventh house in the enemy zodiac also causes tension in married life.

If there are other malefic planets both in front and behind the seventh house, then it also creates obstacles in married life.

Sitting in the sin house (6, 8, 12) or being in a debilitated sign of the seventh house also causes ups and downs in married life.

If Venus is in a debilitated sign (Virgo) in the horoscope of a man, is with Ketu, is set by the Sun, is in the eighth house or is afflicted in any other way, then tension and conflict arise in married life.

If Mars is in a debilitated sign (Cancer), Rahu is afflicted by Saturn, Jupiter is debilitated and afflicted by Rahu in a woman’s horoscope, then obstacles and disputes arise in married life.

Even if the lord of the sin house (6, 8,12) is in the seventh house, there are delays and obstacles in married life.

Sun sitting in enemy sign or debilitated sign (Libra) in seventh also gives obstacles and conflicts in married life.



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