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Kumar Vashist
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I am a Love Relationship Problem Solution Expert. You can also say love marriage astrology. Astrology First of all you can check the possibility of having such love marriage or arrangement. To give yourself a free financial aid you can know for love. It can say:

The life form is necessary for Love Relationship Problem Solution. There should be beautiful in everyone’s beauty. This type of husband and wife

According to the Conventional Will, through proper selection as well as presentation- from presentation. The love that is found unusual is what it is like to be found in it. Social, endogamous or even endogamous marriages. What is the look for love marriage?

Whether it is related to the family planet of this ascendant or is in the ascendant house, or the marriage should take place in the ninth of marriage, as well as it is related to Saturn or it is looking ninth or it is looking ninth. What particular type of meeting should they be or what particular type of meeting they will be.

If the ascendant and Navsans of the born are in the well or again in one, if the fifth house is related to the seventh house or together or together or with each other. Just like love marriage.

If there is a relation with a planet, a crew planet is seeing the fifth house or Mars is in the house or Venus is in the fifth house or there is a planet in the Sun house or there is a relationship with the planet in the Sun house, then there should be a creation or principle of love marriage. Could. Will be the same.

Well The life after marriage is one of discord and squabbles the planet Venus is in a very good position I love the future to move forward, or move on or move on.

In the Ascendant and Navamsa Kundli or in either of the two, if there is a relation between the Ascendant and the seventh lord, that is, the seventh lord is in the ascendant and the ascendant is in the seventh house, or both are sitting together in any other house, in each other’s house. What does it look like with each other?

The exaltation of Mars in the ascendant in the planet Mars or the relation of Venus with Mars in the Navsansa Kundli, should be in the fifth house, with the planets in the planet, the position of the planets in any planet. With the strong predominance in the horoscope, love marriage will be conventional on the Yoti Bhava, either Bhavesh, Nav Bhavesh, Lagna or Ascendant.

In future the enemy will be like the planet or in the future it will be like the future or it will be like the future, the enemy in the future will be as predicted by that prophet.

The matrimonial place of Mars should be large, the aspect of the planet should be on the seventh house, Venus should be related to Mars or Saturn and Mars should be in an exalted position. If the seventh house is placed in the next place of the eyes or if there is a marriage with Mars in the twelfth place, then it can be different from your religion.



Kumar Vashist

Dr.Vasisth is from a highly reputed family of astrologers, he was fond of astrology.