Inter Caste Love Marriage Love Problem Solution Special

Inter-caste love marriage solution is where two people of different castes get together as a married couple.

This is usually a result of the couple meeting and dating outside family circles.

Caste is a traditional and cultural entity, which stems primarily from Hinduism, but has dominated much of the background from South Asia.

Often compared to class in the West, it is associated with a working profession or background you belong to from the standpoint of family heritage.

The common saying when it comes to marriage is ‘you marry your own kind’ and therefore, within your caste.

It is very common for upper castes to object to lower caste marriages.

So, as much as modern and Western values ​​support the freedom to choose who you want to marry, marrying outside caste can still be a big issue for people of South Asian descent.

It is likely that the percentage of interracial marriages in the UK is much lower than caste marriages, and in India, it is certainly no different.

It was found that more than 11% of the respondents had inter-caste marriages in Gujarat and Bihar, but overall only less than 1% of inter-caste marriages took place.

So, why is interracial marriage such a problem?

How many times have you seen or read the dilemma of young people in different caste relationships but don’t know how to tell the family?

Where the pride of the family is intertwined with caste, the news is not welcomed and the family will work to force the young man to marry and break it.

There are many cases where families have exiled their son or daughter and do not attend the marriage even after marrying outside the caste.

The family network becomes fragmented and loyalty disintegrates.

The couple are often left on their own or with little support to go on and live their future lives.

Emotional stress

Often couples part ways to get married and rarely return to the family.

For an inter-racial couple who have met, dated, fallen in love and want to be together, if one of them is not strong enough, things can become a big challenge.

If the person is too submissive to stand by the parents or fear losing him, the relationship may not even make it to marriage.

Anita who was in this position:

Hence, not being able to marry the real love of her life.

Ravi, who met the brothers of his upper-caste girlfriend, whom he found himself breaking up with after going to school for more than five years:

“Her brothers told me that if the wedding took place, her father who was very ill would not be able to take it and I might have a loss on my hands which I can never replace.

So, I agreed to never see her again

Due to the historical way, caste represents a profession or work, which is considered by lower caste people from poor background.

It shows the difference between wealth and lifestyle. Therefore, acceptance of a lower caste person by a higher caste person is not seen as the norm of South Asian society.

A lower caste partner may find it difficult to break free from such prejudice. Especially, if she is a woman.

In spite of the happy couple having an inter-caste marriage, the person from the lower caste in the marriage will always be seen as ‘low’ by relatives, friends and family members who believe in the caste system.

Sandy marries her upper caste boyfriend:

“I always feel distance from my relatives when we go to family functions.

“I remember an aunt saying do they follow this custom in your caste? Which really made me sad. “

Even a woman would be accused of making herself ‘better’ by marrying into a higher social and economic caste.

Not to mention the gossip among the locals about the family allowing such a union to proceed.



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