How to get love back by prayer

Kumar Vashist
4 min readAug 27, 2021


Did you lose the person you have loved the most? Do you want me to return because you have not been able to forget that relationship? The solution is to recite a simple prayer as a token of faith and hope.

What do you need?

Just reading this sentence will not miraculously bring the person How To Get Your Ex-Back to you. Before, you must prepare a suitable place to do it, this will help you to concentrate all the cosmic energy you need.

You must assemble an altar that contains the following items:

• A picture of yourself.

• A recent photo of the person you love.

• A white candle that represents passion, and a red candle that represents fire.

• A red rose that reflects the beauty of true love.

How To Get Your Ex-Back do it?

You must bear in mind that everything is based on faith, will and persistence so that you can obtain satisfactory results, in this way you will be able to recover the love of who you want to have by your side. When you are clear about this, you can proceed to develop the following steps:

1. Place the two photos in the middle of the candles with the corners linked, then put the red rose on the two photos. Scented candles can enhance the cosmic climate to make prayer more effective.

2. Mentalize the pleasant moments that you spent with him and repeat this sentence twice before going to sleep; you must repeat this process for 14 days. Try to start on a Tuesday, which is the best day for love.

3. The important thing is that you never lose faith, because once this happens, the effect of prayer will be broken.

Prayer to recover lost love

“My God, I thank you for all the time, that he / she was by my side, I beg you to listen to my prayers, he is the right person for me; I only ask that he / she comes to his senses and realizes that he / she is not There is another being better than me for him / her. My God, make his heart manifest and make him return, I want to be the reason for his life, to be his engine and energy forever and ever. My God make him my partner returns, because my love is healthy and true, my God make him rejoice in my arms, may he miss me, even in his dreams he sees me. My God, I will make my loved one happy, I will be forever his light, his guide; help me almighty father, help me to be better for him / her, and be everything he / she wants and needs to be happy. I want to be able to share, to be able to form a family, I want to be by his / her side, let me see you again by my side, allow me to make you happy. Now I promise you my God to be a better person that he / she is by my side, come back with me. I trusted your goodness my God, Amen. “

Prayer to Saint Cyprian for the return of your former partner to your life

With this prayer he will soon realize that he cannot live without you and he will come back repentant.

Breaking up with your partner can be one of the most difficult moments to assume, especially if the feeling is so great that you feel that your life loses meaning if you do not have that person by your side. If so, you will surely be looking forward to his return as soon as possible because you have already entered a state of despair, as a result of the broken heart.

For you we have good news, because there is a solution to make this a reality; however, it will take a lot of faith for it to finally come true. It is a prayer to one of the most powerful saints, Saint Cyprian, who will help you regain the love of that special person.



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