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husband wife problem solution astrologer is not only the ancient science of India but it is one of our heritage which is being passed on from generation to generation with great respect and faith. Although in today’s era, even though this important and effective knowledge has started being marketed… but in the meantime we cannot ignore those experts who really have this knowledge and who are engaged in serving the public mind with a selfless spirit. Make human life free from complications but also provide an opportunity to lead a happy and successful life.

Solve problems

It is believed that these measures help in reducing the complexities of life and lead a successful life. Be it job problem or bad home environment, bitterness in married life or obstacles in the way of getting a child… these remedies can become a solution to all these problems.

Remedy for problem in job or business

If you are facing problem in job or even after trying hard you are not able to get any good job then you should donate mustard oil every Saturday. Apart from this, lighting a lamp of oil in Shani temple can also solve your problems. If you do your business then you must install Vriddhi Yantra at your workplace.

Remedies for ending family discord

If your family has started deteriorating, due to some reason or the other, there is a fight and quarrel every day. Discord is a sign of negative energy spread in the house, by applying a salt wipe, this energy gets converted into positive form.

Freedom from malefic planetary defects

According to astrological theory, most of the problems in life come due to the ill-effects of Rahu-Ketu, Saturn. If problems are going on in your life also, then you should feed the black dog every night by applying ghee on the last roti. This remedy establishes happiness and peace in the house by removing the planetary defects, if possible, make kheer every new moon and feed it to a black dog by putting pieces of bread in it.

Remedies for wish fulfilment

According to astrology, mix milk and water regularly every evening and offer it on a Peepal tree. Also, by saying your wish in your mind, do five rounds, by doing this your wishes will be fulfilled very soon.

Love Relationship Problem Solution Expert

According to astrology, those couples who are facing obstacles in the birth of children must visit Rameshwaram together and if possible get Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja done there. This remedy resolves the progeny defects present in the horoscope.

How to solve family problems with the help of astrology?

We all see family problems which disturb the harmony in the family and adversely affect the relations between the family members. Family problems have the power to break you inside and make life more challenging for you because it is closest to your heart and you always want to come back to the people you love at the end of the day. Not only this, family is a source of inspiration, happiness and energy. If you have good understanding among your family members then your life gets settled to a great extent.

Astrological solutions for family problems

There may be problems with children and parents, between siblings, between husband and wife which hinder the harmony of the home. If you are also seeing any such issue, then here are some family problem astrological solutions that can help you to restore the love relationship.

Planet peace worship

If there are disputes in the family then Graha Shanti Puja is highly recommended as it aims to appease the planets which are causing discord and also believed to pacify your environment with the pure aroma of Havan. According to the Vedas, Havan brings positive energy to your home.


You can keep any yantra in the house for a peaceful environment. It will also act as a shield against negative energy for all the family members.

Celebrate the festival

The head of the family should organize puja in the house on all auspicious festivals like Diwali, Navratri etc., as this will bring peace to your house.

Shanti Puja for the Planet

If some specific planet interferes in harmonious family relations then conduct puja for that particular planet.

Planetary defect

Find out if there is some defect in your home and if any it should be resolved as soon as possible.

Other solutions to family problems

• Apart from astrological solutions, there are various behavioral solutions which are of equal importance. Here are some of these solutions that can help you build a strong and happy family.

• It is important for family members to trust each other and it takes a lot of effort and years to build.

  • Tolerance and patience are essential qualities without which no family can survive.

• You should always consider the interests and preferences of other family members before your own.

• Despite the best facilities of communication, we fail to share our feelings with the people we love and this creates a lot of problems. Always talk to your family.

• We are all busy running around and we miss spending time with each other which again leads to disconnection and discord. So spend time with your family.

• With all these solutions, you can make a big difference in your life by taking care of the problems on the family front.



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