Basic Vastu- Problem and Solution

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If there is a defect in any corner of your house, then a conch should be blown there, the defect will be redressed.

The house owner suffers from lung and kidney diseases from a tree with milk in the house.

2 A closed clock in the house blocks luck.

3 Good luck to put lamps in the place of worship in the morning and evening

is an enhancer.

4 Keeping luggage or slippers under the bed increases the flow of energy.

5 Do not keep the bookcase behind your back in the office.

6 Do not keep files related to litigation or marriage in the vault or locker.

7 Do not keep any object above the place of worship.

Keeping the pictures of 8 ancestors in the worship room causes distress and disease in the house.

9 Keep the pictures of ancestors in the southeast corner or south in the house.

10 It is inauspicious to take the name of shoes and slippers at the time of departure

11 Do not keep a broken mirror (Ayna) in the house.

Keeping two separate mattresses on a double bed in a 12-bedroom causes tension and cracks in the couple.

13 Keeping the dining table under the beam does not return the loan amount.

14 Water and mirror are inauspicious in the bedroom.

15 Keeping the pot upside down on the roof makes the planet Rahu angry. Trouble comes.

16 Heavy cupboards or furniture should be placed in the south or west of the house.

17 Bedroom, kitchen and dining room should be beamless.

18 It is best to open the door of the safe in the north or east direction.

19 In any room or bedroom, clothes etc. should not be hung behind the door.

Do not do any work sitting under 20 stairs.

21 On every Sunday, feeding milk-bread and sugar separately or mixed together increases the power of Megha.

22. Keeping the papers of dispute or quarrel in the north, east or north direction brings quicker decisions.

Keeping false utensils in the bedroom reduces business and increases debt.

If garbage accumulates in the 24 north-east corner, then the enemy increases.

It is inauspicious to keep weight in the 25 north corner and the more weight in the south, the better.

26 The house owner is deceived by keeping a place of worship in the kitchen.

27 Do not take new utensils empty at home, add fruits or sweets, if there is nothing then bring them by putting coins.

28 Holding notes with two fingers is inauspicious, transactions should be done with five fingers.

29 In the office or office, keep your chair a little higher than the chairs of the visitors.

30 Always complaining — Crying creates harmful negative energy in the house

31 One should donate while standing inside the door of the house.

32 Do not go to the shop without taking bath.

33 Mixing Ganga-Jal in turmeric powdered in any auspicious Choghadiya/Hora and making Om on both sides of the main door ends the catastrophe.

Borrowing is removed by planting a Tulsi plant in the north or north.

If you want to get 35 dollars, do not open the doors with your feet.

Keeping 36 rosewood leaves (leaves) by the head ends the dream defect.

37 Do not lend the book on Wednesday.

38 Do not keep two mirrors face to face.

39 Unknown dogs coming after is an auspicious sign.

40 While giving tea, keeping the house of the kettle or jug ​​on the side of the guests leads to misunderstanding among themselves.

41 It is inauspicious to carry an old broom to the new house.

Due to poverty coming in the house

1💲 = urinating near the kitchen.

2💲 = Worrying with a broken comb.

3💲 = Using broken things.

4💲 = Keeping garbage in the house.

5💲 = misbehaving with relatives.

6💲 = Wearing pants with the left foot.

7💲 = sleeping in the evening.

8💲 = getting angry when the guest arrives.

9💲 = spending more than income.

10💲 = eating by cutting bread with teeth.

11💲 = Keep more than forty days hair.

12💲 = biting nails with teeth.

14💲 = tying the hair of women upright.

15💲 = Wearing torn clothes.

16💲 = keep sleeping till the sun rises in the morning.

17💲 = urinating under the tree.

18💲 = gold upside down.

19💲 = Laughing in the cremation ground.

20💲 = Keep drinking water open at night.

21💲 = Do not give anything to the one who asks in the night.

22💲 = bringing bad thoughts.

23💲 = Reading scriptures without purity.

24💲 = talking while defecating.

25💲 = Eating without washing hands.

26💲 = Cursing your children.

27💲 = Sitting at the door.

28💲 = burning the peels of garlic onion.

29💲 = To humiliate the monk, the fakir or to buy something else.

30💲 = extinguish the lamp by blowing.

31💲 = Eating food without giving thanks to God.

32💲 = swearing falsely.

33💲 = Do not straighten the shoes by looking at the slippers upside down.

34💲 = shaving in the circumstances.

35💲 = Keeping a spider’s web in the house.

36💲 = sweeping at night.

37💲 = Eating in the dark.

38💲 = Drink water by putting your mouth in the pitcher.

39💲 = Do not read scriptures.

40💲 = To clean the defecation in the river, pond and urinate in it.

41💲 = kicking the cow, the bull.

42💲 = Insulting parents.

43💲 = To make fun of someone’s poverty and helplessness.

44💲 = Keeping the teeth dirty and not taking bath everyday.

45💲 = without taking bath and eating food in the evening.

46💲 = insulting neighbors, abusing.

47💲 = Eating at midnight.

48💲 = sleeping in dirty bed.

49💲 = to be full of lust and anger and…

50💲 = considering the other as inferior to yourself etc.

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It is in the scriptures that one who does well to others.

God bless him.

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